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Cartier Drop Earrings in 18kt White Gold with White Opal Reviews –Cartier Love Bracelets Replica

Cartier Love Bracelets Replica

Customer reviews

  • “Small package”:She loved it for her 8th grade graduation. Made well. Love that the box opens up. Much better than many of the Pandora items in-store and great value.
  • Two Stars:Love them, got them on time!!!
  • Beautiful and loving gift:It is gorgeous! I had a real pink sapphire ring that was stolen and this one is even prettier. I love it!
  • Great ring, great price:After losing my original wedding band, I needed a replacement. Local stores had rings for over twice the price of this one. I went ahead and got it, and couldn’t be happier with it. Looks great, feels great, less than half as much… what’s not to like?
  • Smaller then you would think.:so cool!!
  • Shamballa Bracelet:This bracelet is simply beautiful and it is heavy and not flimsy at all. The quality is superior and I own more than 20 Shamballa bracelets but this one looks like I purchased it from a jeweler. I ordered another in blue…I ordered other Shamballa bracelets but none measure up to this item
  • BEAUTIFUL CHARM!:Prettiest crown bead I’ve seen. Details are very precise and clean. Highly recommend this purchase. It’s a great addition to my bracelet.
  • Read the fine print, color varies, but still a beautiful long silver oval ring necklace.:Was hoping the necklace had some black rings among the silver ones but alas it didn’t. This was a gift for my daughter-in-law, and I’m assuming she liked it as she had it on just the other day. I know she really liked the length – 44 inches. Not many necklace choices over 30 inches. Good quality and made well for the price.
  • Spectacular:Affordable, well made, sparkly, looks much more expensive than it is. Great for an evening out. Great accessory for a little black dress. I definitely recommend.
  • Nice:Very sweet little necklace. Length of the chain is suitable for young children. The quality is pretty good. I don’t think the detail looks quite as good as the picture though.
  • Five Stars:love it give as a gift and she loves it
  • The color and the little diamonds look pretty.:The design is quite nice. The lines are quite slender. But the “black diamonds” don’t look black nor like diamond, and are not shinny.

Panthere De Cartier Bracelet in Yellow Gold with Diamonds Reviews –Cartier Ringe Replica

Cartier Ringe Replica

Customer reviews

  • Great deal:This is a nice ring for the price. The sapphire is dark navy but glows a bit when the light hits it. The CZs are small enough to look credible. Altogether, I’m very pleased with it and would re-order from Peora.My one complaint is that the prongs are a bit too noticeable.
  • Disappointed:The color was not as advertised in the picture. It appears blue in some pictures, red in others. It was purple when I received it. I contacted customer service and was told that it depends on the lighting, however it did not change in any lighting. I bought it a second time hoping to obtain the advertised color and am now returning it.
  • Beautiful!:Adorable is a good word for these earrings. I am so glad that I decided to order the matching pendant at the same time. The earrings can be worn at any time without the pendant and be attractive but the pendant enhances both. Anyone would be pleased with these. Be sure and order both and you won’t go wrong.
  • This Cross didn’t live up to it’s description in size …:This Cross didn’t live up to it’s description in size & appearance. The cord was too short to fit around my neck & the clasp came off the cord as I was trying to close it & return it to it’s little bag. I will be returning both of them back to you for Credit. Please credit back to the card used.
  • I believe she will love it.:As described
  • WOW!:It was a beautiful ring, great quality. The Yellow stone was beautiful. The 2 side stones i thought took away from the center stone this is why i returned it. But the ring quality was fantastic. I ended up ordering a different yellow ring, and that is also very beautiful.Thank you.B. Seymour
  • Beautiful Bangle:This is a lovely braclet. The clasp on mine was defective and would not close properly,however, amazon customer service was very gracious and immediately replaced it with next day delivery. I was thrilled. It is just the right size and a classic. I highly recommend to anyone looking for one like this.
  • Beautiful:The simple beauty in this brooch gives it class and style. Great bargin which can shine up any lapel. Buy it
  • perfect:Like another reviewer, I ordered this as well as a tungsten abalone ring. While I do find the abalone ring to be pretty, this ring is superior. It looks far more elegant. It is a bit more loose than my other rings of the same size, but not enough to go up a size. I can hardly tell its on my finger, it’s that comfortable. I usually find rings to be a bit uncomfortable because of my arthritis. I love this ring. It truly has a vintage look in my opinion.Update: I have been wearing this ring for 3 months, and I haven’t had it on every single day during this time period. Several weeks ago I noticed the titanium is a bit scuffed and scratched. I take it off if I am doing any hard work so I don’t damage the mother of pearl. I can’t imagine how it happened…I thought titanium was a durable metal, I guess not.
  • Three Stars:Love the necklace but the clasp is so small that I can barely see it.
  • Nice pearls:What a beautiful set…..
  • Five Stars:I love this chain

Cartier 18kt Pink Gold Love Bangle with Mother of Pearl Reviews –Cartier Pasha Replica

Cartier Pasha Replica

Customer reviews

  • Like it but don’t love it:This ring is exactly as it looks on-line. Very pretty, classy. I really do like the style and how it looks on my hand. Also, I have received compliments on this ring However, the stones catch on my clothes, jackets, socks…everything! I have a diamond wedding ring and none of the stones catch on anything…ever. I still wear it all the time, but it’s gotten to be a pain. Thinking I’m going to stash it in my jewelry box and find something else.
  • Nice bracelet:I purchased this bracelet for myself at the end of my radiation treatments for breast cancer. It is lovely in the photographs, but I was a bit disappointed when I received it. It is well made, but just doesn’t look like it is worth the price I paid for it. I have kept it and do wear it. I have grown to like it more and more, but still think it is overpriced.
  • Low quality appearance:This item has the appearance of very low quality. I would not make a return purchase.
  • Really dainty and cute!:I like this necklace, but I wish the charm were larger. The size of the charm makes it hard to read the words. I’m happy enough to give it as a gift, but I might have gotten something else had I known beforehand.
  • I love the rose gold color and I didn’t think I …:Very pretty my daughter loved it.
  • Five Stars:Love this necklace. In a word Perfect.
  • Great Quality at Half the Price of Others:I love these bracelets-they are fabulous quality-the crystals are top notch. I bought similar bracelets from a well-known, but pricey New York company. These from Sophistikitty are even better quality than what I paid $40 each for. I highly recommend this product-I intend to buy most of the colors. Super fast shipping and a nice pouch for packaging topped off this transaction.
  • Very good & fast delivery:Very good & fast delivery, too! The color of the bracelet is exact match with my earings & necklace!Thank you very much!
  • Beautiful set!:Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Wedding Engagement Ring Set Sz 5The set is as beautiful as it appears online. Only Zirconia but sparkles like real diamonds. I love it!
  • necklace:This necklace my sister loved. I was not impressed by its size as you can not read the writing. Writing way to small to see what it says I was rather disappointed even though my sister liked it, you cant read what it says.
  • Five Stars:Beautiful earrings! Each pair came in separate gift box.
  • Here are the measurements!:Was looking for something small. Smaller than a dime. Absolutely love it. Looking for durable. That’s going to be the test, if it can hold up to me. Needed a replacement for another one lost and am not disappointed. Was a little smaller than I anticipated but thats alright, it’s perfect for me. Was important that it be gold because silver tends to self destruct with my body chemistry for some reason. Replacing a cross I’d had for 15 years. Here’s to hoping it can withstand me. 🙂

Knockoff Pasha de Cartier Seatimer Automatic Number Mark Mens Watch Reviews –Cartier Roadster Parfum

Cartier Roadster Parfum

Customer reviews

  • Good purchase.:Nicely made, shows well. Bought one for my wife and two more for her to give as gifts to her sisters. Big hit!
  • Very cool:Bought the ring to go with these and I just love them. They go with everything and are so light. Can’t go wrong with the pair.
  • Looks like an expensive piece of jewelry:Unbelievably gorgeous! Looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. The blue is a pretty, deep aquamarine color. Great ring for spring/summer!
  • I love Lucy charm:I love it, so cute. I recently lost my dog of 13 years and got this in memory of her.
  • Nice color:A great gemstone ring begins with a beautiful, well cut stone that catches the light. This ring has it all if you love amethyst as I do. A really deep purple that stands out with the circle of gold hi lighting it. I have always felt silver and gold look great together. The size of the stone is hard to miss but without being so large that it’s gaudy. The diamonds are just enough to bring it all together in a truly superb design.
  • This is so perfect. I bought it for a locket:This is so perfect. I bought it for a locket. This chain is strong enough to put it over your head daily yet so much nicer then rope chains. This is a 30" chain. . This is not a thick chain but a thin sturdy chain. I wanted it to be stong but feminine. This is for my mother and I thick I’ll buy another for myself.
  • Turquoise is my favorite color. This necklace is gorgeous:looks great!
  • Live Love Laugh Charm:very pretty,just wish it had been a little larger but I still love it and fast service and beautifully made!
  • beautiful:Super super satisfied. Thanks a lot! The ring arrived in time and looks just like in the picture! Although I try to take my rings off when I wash my hands or shower, other rings before have turned green nonetheless. This did not happen with this ring here. I bought 4 rings from this seller, all are equally good quality, looked exactly like in the pictures, came in cute little boxes and the price is incredible, I cannot even believe how cheap they were. I hope the production conditions for their workers are ok. The product is great, and this is the favorite ring of the four I bought. It just looks so real and beautiful, I wear it almost every day!
  • Glad I bought these:These earrings are gorgeous!
  • Five Stars:I love them, they are real silver, good size way too cute
  • Exactly what I wanted:This jewel is really beautiful. I know these are not "soil rubies" but created, but in the end they are the same thing. For the price you get a very well crafted piece, beautiful appearance and wonderful for a gift. I’m glad with this purchase.

Cartier Red Line Bracelet With Ruby Charm Reviews –Pasha Cartier Replica

Pasha Cartier Replica

Customer reviews

  • These are awesome beautiful bracelets:These are awesome beautiful bracelets. They are tri colored and look fabulous. I really like that they are easy to slip on and off. I got the larger size and they slip off and on my wrists perfectly fine. They came packed in a cute little gift box that is padded and well secured. The bracelets themselves are very strong and durable. They wont bend or break and they hang just enough on your wrist for a bangle but not to low to where you would be afraid of the snagging on anything. I received this product to share my honest thoughts and opinions about them.
  • love this necklace:I love wearing stainless steel because it is so low maintenance. Ordinarily, if I wear costume jewelry it turns colors when mixed with my body oils, chemistry, & perfumes. I never have to worry with stainless steel costume jewelry and this pendant & stainless steel chain is a perfect addition to my collection. I love wearing the Ankh the "Kemet" symbol for eternal life
  • ELEGANT!!!:High quality pearl, beautiful silver ring with CZ diamonds; overall I would say this exceeded my expectations in everyway.The pictures don’t do it justice, this is such an elegant ring.Worried about the pearl size, it’s huge!!!My wife melted at the sight of this elegant ring. Wish I could find a matching necklace, bracelet and earrings for it!!!
  • Great Gift:These pearls came very quickly. They are not pure black, but they look great with outfits. I got them for my brides maids for my wedding and they look great.
  • beautiful ring:Fits perfect, true to size and is great quality! I hope to find more like this. I would recommend purchase to anyone interested.
  • chain is a little more yellow gold than I had hoped:The actual cross part of the pendant is VERY nice. The diamonds are small, as intended, but not like chips surrounded by silver as many other pendants are. This is not an ostentatious piece which is exactly what I wanted to avoid. It’s a very nice, classy piece of jewelry that can be worn daily with anything. I give it four stars because the chain was a little more yellow gold than I wanted, but not enough to be garish or cheap-looking so I’m keeping this. Definitely recommend.
  • Large and striking:These are exactly what I wanted. Had a similar pair years ago and I’m very pleased with their quality and the fact that they are so different.
  • Five Stars:Really nice. I like it a lot. Good quality.
  • Very nice gift:I love these earrings! I bought them to have something cute to go with other amethyst jewelry I have and they are adorable. I wear them all the time and have never had any issues with them. They are not overly large, which is great for me because I wanted something cute but subtle. I would definitely recommend these as gifts for girls or young women, worth the price!
  • Elephant ring:Smaller than I expected.
  • Lovely Earrings!:These beautiful flower earrings are gorgeous. I love paua shells anyway and to see them translated into such beautiful earrings made me smile. Excellent transaction in every way and thank you.
  • Very nice details:I love it, I am wearing it on a necklace and it is beautiful

Cartier Calibre de Cartier Flying Tourbillon White Dial Brown Leather Strap Steel Mens Watches Reviews –Cartier Must De Cartier

Cartier Must De Cartier

Customer reviews

  • royal diamond:Overall the bracelet was too heavy to wear all day.The beads looked good,but wearing all day was hard. I would not buy another like it.
  • Best Choice! Sparkles at all angles!:My husband got me this ring For our anniversary, it is beautiful, the diamonds are real, and I love it I get compliments on it all the time,I wish it was white gold and not sterling, but for the price it is well worth it!!
  • Perfect for a 9 year old:Perfect for a 9 year old. Very sparkly. Affordable so I won’t be afraid of her loosing it or breaking it
  • BLING:So far this bracelet is perfect. It’s sparkly and beautiful. I bought it with a wider clear blingy bracelet and stack them. I get so many compliments on both. I plan on getting a few more colors now that I know I like Swarovski!
  • Great little ring for the price!:This ring is very nicely made and the diamonds are small enough that I can’t see any visible inclusions. It’s perfect for someone on a budget who still wants to give a ring made of gold and with real stones, and looks as good as anything else anywhere near this price range.
  • Nice, but a little bulky:I just got this ring yesterday 🙂 I love it but had to send back i needed a smaller size. So now waiting on my new one to come. I did see a little bubble on one of the bands bit think it would have been fine. Maybe new one will be better 😀
  • Rings look just like the picture:I was disappointed with these earrings. I intend to give them away at the first possible moment.. Very sorry I ordered theV
  • Eh….:This is a very pretty delicate stylish necklace. It is the perfect size to not be to overwhelming and it really sparkles.
  • I love you Guys:I love you Guys…..The Product came in a timely manner and the price was great! The fit was great!!!! My Wife loved it! Thanks a bunch!!!
  • Nice!:This was a birthday gift purchase and I have to say it was not flimsy or fragile. It has some weight to it and sturdy. Very nice.
  • Five Stars:Just what I expected
  • Beautiful Earrings:These earrings are beautiful and the perfect size I had hoped for. The price is quite reasonable for their value.

Cartier Happiness Necklace in 18kt Pink Gold Reviews –Replica Cartier Necklace

Replica Cartier Necklace

Customer reviews

  • Love the color!:I absolutely love the color of this necklace!! It is very shiny and the cubic zirconia look so good! It is bigger then I thought it would be which is awesome. I am definitely going to buy another one of these for a present for my mom. She commented on how much she liked it. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
  • Whimsical, simple & elegant:The heart is just as described. The red is radiant. The sterling design on top of the heart is whimsical, simple and elegant at the sametime. It will be treasured and an added delight to my collection of hearts.
  • Size runs small:I like the ring it is pretty and the detail is very nice, but the size is off. I ordered 3 rings all the same size and 2 of them fit perfect and this one is small.
  • Great value!:It’s very very bad . The color is not like the picture is look like yellow and orange gold . I do not like it
  • Five Stars:Beautiful earrings. Very pleased with this purchase.
  • Necklace Rose Gold:Needed a rose gold chain for a pendant I received & this fit the bill. Perfect length, weight & color…comfortable & priced right. Excellent product.
  • Five Stars:My wife loves it… Thank you
  • Three Stars:Real nice! Looks good….now I dont have to worry about bracelet getting lost!
  • Round Emerald green bracelet:This bracelet is pretty however I will be returning it because the stones are not straight. The stones themselves are a very deep green, and very shiny. But for the price and because it is a gift for my granddaughter I decided not to keep it.
  • It’s still pretty but not the one I wanted:Beautiful gift from my husband. I get compliments every time I wear it.
  • Great Value!:Ring is absolutely gorgeous. I wore it about 3 times and the setting fell out. Would not recommend.
  • Four Stars:smaller than expected but very pretty

C Hearts of Cartier Necklace in Stainless steel with Yellow Gold Reviews –часы Cartier

часы Cartier

Customer reviews

  • Amazon products:Chain is very thin.
  • They are nice. The pink one could be brighter:They are nice. The pink one could be brighter. Still a nice deal for the price. They size runs a little larger. Try one size down. But you can return it and receive your money back with no trouble!
  • Not a good chain.:Too light of a chain, I sent it back otherwise knowing myself it would of broke. I should of been more aware of the weight of it, before ordering.
  • Expensive, but Worth Every Penny!:I purchased these to give as a Christmas present. I will have to find something else instead. They are much smaller than I expected and they don’t even feel like gold. They look like some cheap pair you would get for less than $10 at the corner drug store. Needless to say, I will be returning them. By the way, they were very poorly packaged–they were just rolling around in a black box.
  • Very cute!:These are very pretty and are the dainty size I have been looking for. They are perfect with many outfits.
  • Good for every day wear:Pros:- This goes with sterling silver and white gold jewelry.- At about 2.5" the long way and 2" the short way, it fits my slim wrists well, and I have no worries about it falling off.- The two-tone design and overall shape is unique and versatile. Can dress up or down.Cons:- The smooth/shiny part gets scratched up with normal use, like while typing on a keyboard, the bottom part will scratch against the table. The scratches make it not shiny anymore, but it can’t be helped (unless you only wear it for special events).- The ends are not rounded and can be uncomfortable (e.g. when you are giving your significant other a hug and the corners unexpectedly digs into his back) — but it won’t cause actual damage or real pain.
  • funky earring:Wearing them again today!!Love them!Also have the ring and pendant
  • Five Stars:Very beautiful! I love it. Highly recommended.
  • Five Stars:I love this jewelry – very nice and simple!
  • Three Stars:Wash expecting Blessed to appear on both sides but it does not.
  • Great for HK fan.:Earrings are darker silver than pictured – otherwise it looks just like HK!
  • Four Stars:It is very nice but don’t like the idea it was made in china

2013 Newest Styles Remarkable Pasha de Cartier Automatic Unisex Watch Reviews –Cartier Must De

Cartier Must De

Customer reviews

  • bad buy!!!:not worth it’s price….i wore it four times and the color changed already. From it’s gold color the first time i wore it, now, it’s turning to white. It looks ugly coz the top side is gold but the lower part is silver or white, whatever…
  • Beautiful earring set,:Using this same criteria 14K, screwback, 6 MM, etc we found varying prices – I wondered what would be the difference so we first ordered this pair here which was 50 bucks! Then ordered another set by Lovearing we found cheaper by 13 dollars. Difference in quality? Nope. SAME earring 🙂 The shine to these was beautiful, reflecting the light nicely, the size we picked 6 mm wasn’t to large in child’s ears. Earrings worn day/night with no irritation to ear. Stunning.The only differences to be “seen” was the price – and under product specs it said this one has a “halo” setting. I am not educated in jewelry so I searched what that meant since that was the only descriptive difference from the other one we also purchased. Halo means to have tiny stones circling a center stone. Clearly this is one solid stone/piece and not several so just consider that a typo.This is in fact a beautiful earring.
  • Trinity Knot:I bought this as a gift for a friend who loved it and it’s significance. The quality of the piece is great and it was delivered in just a few days. I highly recommend this Trinity Knot and I am purchasing one for myself.
  • Too sparkly for my tastes:It’s beautiful :)My fiancee loves it!
  • Looks just like the picture:Very pretty. True to size. Timely shipping. Earrings are a nice size. They seem to be made well. Sometimes there is the issue of the posts being fragile and can be easily bent. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Happy with this purchase.
  • Pleasantly surprised!:I was worried that it would not be strong enough but it is fantastic..very strong and durable..I love the way it looks with my pendant..
  • Large with good sparkle:I purchased this as a gift so I haven’t seen the reaction to it yet. Nor have I seen how it will hold up under regular use. But what I can tell you is this. Yes, the chain is thin and the color is not really pink, it’s more red. But it looks even better than the picture does. I bought this during black Friday sale and for the price it is more than worth it.
  • Very bad made:This is very bad quality product. It is heavy to wear and the bag containing the product had terrible smell, I washed my hands with hand sanitizer after I touched it.
  • great rign:i love it it was fast getting here the best nothing more or less my wife loved it just one time
  • Five Stars:I love the cross. Very beautiful product. Exactly as described. Seller was very quick to ship.
  • Great!:I love the ring, great ring it’s beautiful. The is great wonderful and and it’s beautifully crafted, it sits comfortable in my fingers not bothersome at all I absolutely love the ring and would recommend it to anyone who hesitantly is thinking of buying it.
  • Small for the price.:Small for the price that it’s charge. Starts with yellow stains if you keep it storage for couple of weeks. Looks nice.

Pasha de Cartier Automatic Grid Stainless Steel Cage Design Silver Dial Ladies Watches fake Movement: Automatic self-wind movement Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, displays date between 4 and 5 o’clock Case Material: Full Stainless Steel Construction, Reviews –Parfum Must De Cartier

Parfum Must De Cartier

Customer reviews

  • Four Stars:It’s very pretty.
  • Three Stars:expected much better
  • Five Stars:My wife loves these.
  • Love love love!:I wanted something tiny and these are perfect. However, most people will find them too small I think. I like very delicate jewelry so they are perfect for me.
  • good value great quality:Great quality. These are lightweight but look substantial and mix well with my silver chain necklaces. I am very happy with Sabrina Silver products.
  • Three Stars:the earrings themselves are lovely but the color is so barely green to appear clear instead.
  • Nice Chain:I ordered this chain for a certain pendant. Unfortunately the chain was too long for what I needed. Even though I had to send it back, it was still very good quality and worth the money for someone who needs a longer chain.
  • Nice:Not quite a statement piece but still very delicate and pretty. Looks classy with my light fabric dresses- good quality for the price.
  • Really Beautiful!!!:These earrings are absolutely beautiful! You can wear them with both charms or just one or no charm, they’re great! If you like them in the picture, you will LOVE them in real life.
  • Beautiful Jewelry:I received this adorable necklace an exchange for my honest review. This arrived is a nice black box to keep it protected and used for storing. The necklace has a beautiful turquoise stone nicely placed within a circle. The chain is a nice length and ensures the necklace sits perfectly. I would wear this with a cute dress or plain shirt and jeans. Perfect add to any jewelry collection. The photos do not do this necklace justice. 0CommentWas this review helpful to you?YesNoSending feedback…Thank you for your feedback.Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try againReport abusePlease write at least one wordYou must purchase at least one item from Amazon to post a commentA problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later.Sign in and comment Showing 0 of 0 commentsSort by: Newest Oldest There was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.Show more comments5Great choiceByPhillip Chelemeron June 17, 2015Got one for my honey, never regretted it
  • Very nice quality for the price:Larger than I expected but I love the contrast of smooth gold to a patteren gold rings. So light and comfortable to wear you forget you are wearing them I love the movement of the dangle.
  • good value:bought this for a gift for a good frinedher birthday is the fourth of julyvery good color well worth the price