Buy cartier love ring repplica sapphire? Learn these five questions

The article introduction

Sapphire, that kind of deep and quiet blue color will bring you a lot of very beautiful daydream, through it, you can see a cloudless blue sky, the lake as a mirror, as if there is another world. Color gem collection hot gradually in recent years, a lot of people want to buy a sapphire to wear or collection, so cartier juste un clou bracelet sapphire when the choose and buy, what should we pay attention to?
First, sapphire, how many colours are there?

Although the blue sapphire attributive words do, but it is not only a blue color. In fact, is in addition to ruby sapphire, other color corundum. So in addition to the blue and pink, pink, yellow, green and white sapphire. The most popular of these color, blue. But pink, orange sapphire is also very rare and the cartier bracelet replica value is very high.

Second, where production of sapphire quality is better?

The leading producer of sapphire is Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand, myanmar, Australia, and China’s shandong ChangLe. Among them, Sri Lanka and Kashmir sapphire in microstrip purple indigo blue, pure color, high transparency, good quality, it is worth collecting. ChangLe Australia, shandong sapphire in the more common on the market, but their poor transparency and impurities, more businesses will, through the method of optimization, make them become lighter in color, in order to improve the value. So we see ChangLe sapphire, are generally processed optimization.

Third, if the businessman of others, and how to identify?

Do have this kind of circumstance, common replicas are crystal, topaz stone, zircon, fluorite, glass. However, imitation is unable to imitate the sapphire hardness and density. In addition to diamonds, sapphire is one of the most hard minerals, the hardness of diamond is 10, the hardness of sapphire is 9, crystal hardness is 7. Sapphire glass can be used to delimit cartier love bracelet replica, therefore, is not, can be considered to be one of the differential method. Next, the identification of official certificate is sapphire quality assurance.

Four, what is the optimization of sapphire? Sapphire is optimized value is not high?

This method is very common, say, 90% of sapphire is optimized on the market, pure natural. Is to change the color of the stone by heat, also called heat treatment. As the optimization is a very common practice, it will not change the structure of the sapphire texture, so according to international practice, optimized the sapphire can don’t do that, when the sales on the appraisal certificate can not do. If the “processing”, “method not only heated up, and filled with dyeing, etc., the beautification of the treated sapphire, depending on identification certificate” sapphire (processing) “.

Five, choose the time of sapphire what standards?

Of course choose sapphire or according to the 4 c standard. 4 c: color, clarity, cut, and weight. First of all, to see whether the color and color of fire. Uniform color is more bright, more pure, the higher the degree of saturation, the more cartier bracelet replica gem collection value. Secondly the clarity, that is, look have impurities, defects and cracks. And then we see cutters. If it is faceted sapphire, see whether facet is symmetrical, and overall gem cutting ratio. Finally, in the first few terms are almost, sapphire, the bigger the better.

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