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  • Silver Bracelet:I really like this bracelet. I would have given it 5 stars but the locking mechanism was bent when I got it and it took me quite a while to get it open and straightened out. Thanks goodness I knew what to do. Otherwise, I wear it daily and really like it.
  • One of the bes for the price.:I choose these pearl set, it costs above you paid. Also, a beautiful gift package and the paper guarantee the value.
  • Great gift for the Grad in your life.:This was a great birthday gift for a friend that just graduated from college.When you have someone in your life with a Pandora bracelet, gifting them is usually simple!
  • The high-end of low-end ring options.:Crap. Very cheap. Lightweight. Stone came out after one week. Looks like the $10 Walmart rings.
  • Five Stars:A sweet pair of earrings, great for everyday wear.
  • Really nice……:love it not 2 small not 2 big just right and was delivered before time thankyou
  • Love it:This is a very nice piece that people notice. A great gift. My wife loved it and the girls at work all raved about it.
  • Exactly. As. Described.:The rubies are beautiful but the prongs need to be checked to make sure the stone will not fall out. The stone looked slightly tilted because one of the prongs was not long enough to hold it firmly. I returned the earrings. I didn’t want to go the jeweler to pay additional money to fix the prong. The sellers need to check the prongs thoroughly for defects before shipping them to the customer.
  • Beautiful:Good value for the price. I asked my GF for her thoughts a few weeks after receiving it for Christmas.”It’s beautiful & I love the necklace!”. She has told me that only a select few people have recongized it is the Superman chevron. At first glance people often mistake it for a heart shape.The color and clarity are great. It has the traditional color changing properties of lab created alexandrite.
  • Five Stars:Beautiful!!!! Clarity and sparkle –great look
  • earrings:Perfect for my ladies hair style and good closing capabilities also u can wear either side depending on attire u are wearing
  • Stone looks pretty. Ok as an accessory piece:Made in China. Do I need to say more? Looks as pictured. The chain is not very strong . Stone looks pretty. Ok as an accessory piece.Don’t expect much for the money. I bought this on a lightning deal. I wouldn’t pay any more than that. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but looks nice, this will be ok . You get what you pay for as the saying goes.

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  1. These earrings are at best average. They bend easily, so you need to be careful with them, but are sturdy enough for daily wear. I received mine with a dent, so I immediately sent them back. I’d rather pay less for them or wait for a sale and get something better. I’m planning on the latter, not the former.Cartier Trinity Rings