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  • Lovely:Very pretty earrings. They are very light, and that is both good and bad. The bad is that they can work their way out of your ear without your noticing. I lost one twice in the house that first day. I need to get the holders for the back to make them stay on better.
  • Five Stars:The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star is I don’t believe anything is perfect. The bracelet is prettier on than pictured and is of very good quality. I have been looking for this exact style for quite awhile but never found one until now that fits. Every bracelet I found in this style was either 7 or 7.5 inchs which was just too small to fit me. As always, it’s a pleasure to purchase from Amazon.
  • Sharp Edges:The edges of the rings are sharp and scrape the adjacent fingers. Returned both rings and got the 6mm ones and they are fine.
  • hummingbird nice:Was loved by the giver and receiver.
  • Very nice set:The three bands are smooth edged and heavier than I expected for their price. I am really pleased with the fit and feel. I have just begun wearing them so can’t speak for the durability of their finish. Based on my first impressions I recommend them highly.
  • I love that I can switch up the different stone colors:I ordered this as a Christmas gift but it looked cheap and clunky so I gave it to a charity.
  • earrings:Absolutely gorgeous! Very shiny and fall beautifully. One of them has a little dirty mark on it that was hard to clean off totally (still has a mark on it) otherwise I would have given it five stars.
  • Love it. It’s a fun piece of costume jewelry …:beautiful,and has rhinestones amid the pearls, was very surprised at how thick with pearls.
  • More beautiful in person!:I was a bit skeptical purchasing these as there wasn’t a picture to really relay size. I was afraid these may be a bit too large, but are a decent not too large, not too small size. I got a great deal with a lightening deal on these and they were worth it!I have been on a mission to have a pair of halo earrings in every color and these didn’t disappoint. They are a vivid bright pink and the center stone and the halo are both quite sparkly.I tend to like those where the halo is actually attached rather than a removable piece, but these work well and provide some versatility. Planning to purchase more in other colors.
  • I was disappointed it did not come with a prayer card so …:The medal was a lot lighter weight than I thought it would be for the price. Also, I was disappointed it did not come with a prayer card so that when I gave it as a gift there would be an explanation for it as a blessing for the home.
  • So Thin!:I couldn’t closed the clasp anymore. The clasp broke after a week of used. I lost it and found later. I am not using it anymore. This product is so thin and delicate. I would not recommend it. Perhaps, a 14K is better hold. Thinking about returning it.
  • Two Stars:Didn’t expect it to be that big a hoop!

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