Cartier landed Aceh Magic Tour of Lights develop their fine jewelry handed down style

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Recently, to celebrate L’Odyssee de Cartier – Parcours d’un style series of fine jewelry stationed in Hong Kong, Cartier held a preview event. The event to fine jewelry styles journey theme, to reproduce the emperor Cartier jewelry more than a century of legendary style, gave birth to endless creativity, a blend of thousands of views.

The venue has been carefully arranged into four pure white fantasy kingdom, loaded with Cartier L’Odyssee de Cartier – Parcours d’un style series latest works and other treasures. cartier bracelet replica precious stones of breathtaking brilliance and rich colors, reflecting the change in the imagination of thousands of hidden trip. cartier juste un clou replica jewelry treasures furnishings in the crafting of miniature buildings: simple village architecture, magnificent palace Guidian Lan, quaint pavilions, luxury high-rise buildings …… Halo flashing circulation moving, like a very delicate brush strokes, intoxicating beauty of the original outline of Africa, deep and mysterious charm of India, Asian beauty secret fantasy, as well as the bustling metropolis of lights and endless flow of movement.

Night Sheng Kuaiguan cover gathered, elite gathering of celebrities, including Ms. Korean national treasure actress Lee Young-ae, the Hong Kong business leaders Mr. Fok and his wife Miss Guo Jingjing, socialite Mrs. Cathy. In the model of the perfect interpretation, extraordinary outstanding jewelry treasures shine even more beautiful people. Ms. Sandy famous singer on the scene to show more appealing singing voice, will be the dinner to a climax.

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  1. Perfect little accessory for my chain. The blue is nicer looking than in the photos. It looks like solid gold and shines lovely. I suspect it will still look awesome in time even if some of the gold fades and the silver is exposed, actually I’m counting on it for a weathered look so I’ll be wearing this daily.Cartier Must Perfume

  2. They are what I wanted, a lovely white color, have a high luster, are the larger size with two strands, which is different from the draped three strand effect. Size is uniform, as pictured. About 16 of the pearls, closer to the clasp, are lightly-blemished, as in the description. Considering the price, as it came with free heart pearl shaped earrings, I am happy with the purchase. The clasp is like a tube, with one end sliding into the other. It is different than other clasps , but holds the necklace in place, although I have to look in a mirror to put it on, then slide it around my neck. It is comfortable to wear, as it is not heavy. Five stars if all the pearls were perfect.Cartier Bracelet Love Replica