Cartier LOGO Bracelet in 18kt Pink Gold and Black Reviews –Cartier Bracelet Replica

Cartier Bracelet Replica

Customer reviews

  • cross bracelet:The wife really likes this, I gave it to her a couple of months ago as a gift. The crosses are nice-looking and interesting. The clasp has failed a couple of times so be careful and you may want to refit it with a new clasp.
  • cross:I really love this. I bought it for my sister for her birthday. Its very unique and not something you would just find anywhere. I think she is going to love it too. It was well worth the money. Better than any product you would just buy in the store. Perfect size for a woman or older child!
  • Five Stars:VERY nice …good buy
  • Everyday value.:My wife is a nurse and can wear these everyday without worrying. The posts are looooong. So you might need spacers or the will hang forward.
  • Lovely Earrings from a Long Time Favorite company!:These are a favorite brand and are very pretty, even elegant. They feel fairly substantial without tugging but look really nice on. I love the filigree design.
  • 1928 Teardrop Earrings:A beautiful earring set. I have already received a number of compliments on them. I’m used to wearing very light earrings and so these were only slightly heavier than my normal but by no means do they drag on my ear. I like these very much.
  • pretty & elegant good for all occasions:This is very pretty & I found some Angel wing earrings on Amazon that should go nicely with it. My only complaint is that I needed to sign for it. The idiot mail carrier assumed I was not home because my drapes were closed to block out the heat & then he forgot to deliver it today. I called the post office to find out why it had not been delivered & they made him bring it right away. Yikes not sure what is going on with the post office
  • Cute and Affordable!:I wear this necklace everyday and it is my second one. Great job in sending this to me. The only beef I have is that the first one cost half what this one cost.
  • Very nice:I have a very large wedding ring that I cannot wear gloves with. Don’t want to pay the high gold prices and use only one of these to substitute for my wedding ring. I love the feel of the rounded edge. Does not cut in to my finger. Very nice.
  • I’m in love!:I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous necklace and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! I bought it along with the matching earrings and they look spectacular together. I’ve worn the necklace on several occasions and have had no issues with breaks or wearing. I take care of all my jewelry by only wearing during the day and placing into a velvet-lined box at night.
  • Four Stars:Was a nice gift for Valentines Day.
  • beautiful, and has rhinestones amid the pearls:Pretty necklace. Looks nice as a statement piece.

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