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  • Gorgeous:The earrings and the pendant are really gorgeous and you don’t often see beautiful design like this. They are the perfect size and very stylish. I do own an identical pair of red amber earrings and since I bought them in honey amber too, it does mean that I really like them. Nevertheless, I was not very happy with the earrings mechanism on this particular pair. The clasp quality is not that good, you have to be very careful when closing it. Therefore, I do suspect it will become very wobbly in time. Also, my identical red amber earrings that I bought from them tarnished really quickly (in less than 5 months) of not even usual wear (15 times maximum). As a results, I expect these ones to tarnish easily too. This means that I will just have to clean all of them more often that I would like and maybe end up replacing the clasp some years down the road (and that is why I am giving them just 4 stars instead of 5) but I am really glad that I bought them.
  • love the earrings, got rid of the black box:I love these earrings! It came with a black box which I threw away because I don’t like the black lint it leaves on surfaces it touched. I bought the earrings and the matching pendant to give myself a set. I love all of them.My ears are very sensitive to silver, so I switched the hooks to titanium. As it turned out, I am also slightly sensitive titanium but fine with surgical steel metal. I would like to get 316L (surgical steel) ear hooks or leverbacks, only if I could find such products in the market! There are stainless steel ear hooks and leverbacks on the market, most likely not 316L grade as 316L grade are more expensive.I really want to wear these earrings more often. If anyone who knows where I could get 316L grade stainless steel ear hooks or leverbacks, please leave a comment on this review. I would really appreciate it!
  • Four Stars:Good thanks. Very pretty
  • Dance:Beautiful and simple christmas gift. My daughter loves it.
  • Pretty!:This ring is very pretty for a casual, everyday ring. I was afraid the smooth, flat areas would show fingerprints, but it stays shiny. The stone is just the right size and a nice, deep red. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I wish it was a little heavier.
  • Five Stars:Love it
  • Five Stars:Love this ring !! So pretty and durable for every day use…
  • Great necklace at an awesome price.:Rich gold and well made. I wish it is a spring clasp. The lobster claw clasp is a bit hard to open when put on.
  • HUGE!:I’ve commented on many pieces of CZ and for the price you are getting your money’s worth. I love this ring. I get many, many compliments. I just wish I could wear it more – but – hey, it’s yellow.
  • Really nice!:I got it for my husband as a surprise, and he loves it as well. It looks the same as the picture.
  • great buy:What can I say, Moissanite looks like diamond but doesn’t cost like diamond. This was a very popular gift. She knows it’s not “real diamond”, but who says her friends need to know…
  • Very Tiny Indeed:I wanted a tiny charm for my necklace, and this one is exactly the right size. The shipping was superfast, and the item was exactly as described. I recommend this seller.

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  1. I needed this ring the moment I saw it lol I love purple! The ring is very pretty it shines like purple & clear diamonds & I get tons of compliments. But unfortunately it gets 4 stars because one of my clear crystals fell out at some point. It’s not very noticeable because it’s one of the last ones at the end of the buckle design but for $50 & only owning for about a month I’m not too happy about that 🙁Pasha De Cartier Replica

  2. I’m so happy with this purchase! Usually I don’t pay this much for rings on amazon but I figured I would take a chance because it was so pretty and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The shipping was super fast and the ring is perfect. It’s really pretty and shiny but not obnoxious or flashy at all. The stone is not too bulky and I can see this being an everyday ring for me. Over all, this ring looks like it is build to last and I absolutely reccommend this ring to anyone.Cartier Tank Replica