Colorful yunnan treasure jardine hand in hand to the capital museum opens the brigade of jade art

The jade exhibition in “the green charm – 2014. The trip to the ancient jade art exhibition” as the theme, which is divided into the ancient jade unripe brightness, cui the reputation of Chinese yunnan “, “baise qian, the beauty of jade like nature itself”, “the finely crafted, walking on the tip of jade art, fashion point of view of the jade, jade, four chapters, fully displaying the king of the jade jade chimei to reaches.

The first chapter of the ancient jade unripe brightness, cui the reputation of Chinese yunnan “, mainly in the history of the ancient treasures jade, selected works for nobility of the qing dynasty jade treasures, such as jade li3 lian2 ying BanZhi, rong lu jade belt hook a large number of fine jade in this chapter focus on appearance, become a major bright spot.

Second chapter in the baise thousand, the beauty of jade like nature itself “, in the traditional jade element is given priority to, to the work of a color and transparency, and degree of crystallization is exquisite high requirements, such as colorful yunnan transportation of “guanyin Buddha” and “edge” of “best” and so on, as the work, they will be the beauty of the material of jadeite jade, fully, clever show incisively and vividly, like nature itself. Treasure jardine emerald will display the GuanYinWang • Jue, known as the 2012 China international jewellery’s most valuable rare gourmet. The dilute its product and its essence, not only for top the perfect interpretation of the emerald, more shock of apotheosis in the industry; Ice kinds of double color jade bracelet aggregates, perfect jade-like stone embellish, fei color green color distribution is symmetrical, like a beautiful landscape picture scroll, is rare. Full of green jade bead chain the bead “jade”, 82 homogenous, with water, the same color of fine jade round pearl, perfect.

The third chapter “the finely crafted, walk on the tip of jade art, give priority to with jade furnishing articles, hand pieces, mainly reflected stylist for the inspiration and skill of jade form shaping, masters in drawings, use point about cruising, carve mermaid birds and animals, mountains and trees, not only to the people of Fred, auspicious ze good hope, and highly skilled, guifushengong, first-class industry. Such as colorful yunnan push “child’s play lotus pond” and “xanadu” jade carving treasures, and a business works. Will treasure jardine jade palace level collection masterpiece “mood”, “what is a good”, “obedient spring and autumn period” and so on, all of the rare material via master craftsmanship as god, into the classical past.

The fourth chapter “fashion perspective of jade, jade, give priority to with fashion inlaid jade, and some of the hand-painted astronomy. Fusion of traditional and modern design essence, this chapter show the emerald curiosa is more fit for modern Cartier Bracelets Replica fashionable jewelry, personalized needs. Such as “jade beauty”, “family elegance” colorful yunnan jade inlaid jewelry, such as beautiful, brilliant, fully display the perfect blend of classical and fashion. Jardine matheson treasure jade will “ladies”, “the other”, “cui gets yan ran” top jade inlay art treasures, such as its top emerald modern art innovation resistance, high top jade in the cartier love bracelet replica costly acme of great beauty.

“The cui verve – 2014. The trip to the ancient jade art exhibition” is foster’s group, two big colorful yunnan, jardine matheson treasure jade jade jewelry brand will with the capital museum as the ancient jade exhibition. As the domestic jewelry brand exhibition for the first time as a national museum, in the jade art exhibition will be part of the jade culture exchange platform. Focus on jade colorful yunnan emerald curiosa of cultural inheritance and dissemination of the original in this activity is the source will pass one thousand jadeite jade culture, with exquisite exhibits contemporary art of jade jewelry. For the development of Chinese jade industry play a positive role in promoting,. Jardine matheson treasure jade, as China’s only focus on the top of jade brand, aimed for the masses to present a more true jade history time tunnel, spatial and temporal changes in 600 years, the largest Chinese reading, the highest value to China in one thousand, the most complete worship jade jade culture perfection and glory of art history.

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