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Cartier LOVE Bracelet in 18k Pink Gold With Coloured Stones::replica Montre Cartier Prix

Name: Cartier Screwdriver LOVE Necklace in 18k Pink Gold With Diamond.

Chain Length: 43CM
Charm’s Size: 40mm * 20mm * 6mm

This Cartier LOVE Necklace also can with sweater chain, 80CM length with 5cm for adjusted.

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C De Cartier Bracelet in 18kt White Gold with Full Paved Diamonds::replica Cartier Watches Price Replica

Bracelet Length: 17cm
Band Width: 1cm

Product Name: C De Cartier Bracelet in 18kt White Gold with Full Paved Diamonds

This full double C logo C De Cartier Bracelet can in 18kt rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Pave with full diamonds, it’s very sparkling and fashion in this season.

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Combination of art and humor, fun, cartier “juste un clou” limited series

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“La Bague” Chinese translated as “ring”, cartier fine jewelry designer Victoire owen wang cited industry “nails” as its source of inspiration for the design, ultra-realistic concepts used in the “juste un clou” design. As the art industry as “letters to the studded and translucent diamond ring surrounded by rich, full central station master tourmaline stone, each set off a 15 kt above the top tourmaline elegance and brightness combine artistic creativity and elegance all in one.” ” juste un clou” create a new vision of fine jewelry.

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Through wang innocence and ingenuity, “juste un clou” series of memorable fun humor and artistic fashion; fine diamond flow between letters in cursive, so that each piece exudes a faint shimmering in the fingers when the swing, lining Tuobi Xi charming color . From the series name to the design, “cartier juste un clou replica” series fully show the designer’s skill with the usual humor – “This is a cartier juste un clou ring replica


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