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Cartier 18kt Yellow Gold Love Bangle Bracelet with Screwdriver For Women::replica Cartier Vendome

Inner Diameter: 5.3cm * 4.3cm
Band Width: 6mm
Thickness: 2mm

Product Name: Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Love Bangle with Screwdriver For Women(Narrow)

This cartier love bangle come with a free screw-driver.

There are matching cartier love bangle for men for this style of cartier love bangle for women.

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Cartier Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-Paved::replica Cartier Wedding Ring Replica

Name: Cartier Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-Paved.

This cartier ring made of 316L stainless steel with 18k yellow gold plated, Set with Cubic Zirconia.

Available Colors: Pink Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold

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Cartier Earring in Stainless Steel with Rose Gold Plated and Dii Reviews –Montre Femme Cartier

Montre Femme Cartier

Customer reviews

  • You get what you pay for…:These earrings look like hardened blue clay… nothing like a real gem, not even shiny!!! I would return them, but shipping them back would be more of a hassle than just keeping them.
  • wonderful ring:I bought this for my daughter and she loves it, the quality is amazing
  • Five Stars:These rings are beautiful!
  • goes with everything!:this necklace is SO cute. Its little head swivels and its arms and legs wave around. The pendant is about 2" from head to toe, just be aware….he is adorable!
  • Delicate, Feminine but not flimsy:I love the simplicity of this anklet. I bought it for a friend this past Christmas and she wears it all the time. It looks wonderful on her. She commented to me the other day how it looks so delicate yet it is not so fragile that it will break easily. Very pleased with this purchase. The seller got the anklet out to me right away too. This was a wonderful experience.
  • At first I really liked the looks of this chain:At first I really liked the looks of this chain. Then it started to bend at certain points and one day it finally snapped at one of these points and fell on the floor. I was lucky it did it in my house or I would have lost my pendant. Looks nice but wouldn’t recommend it
  • It’s pretty but the first day the jewel fell off:It’s pretty but the first day the jewel fell off. Then the second day I had 3 other pieces fall off. The only good thing is that I can put the other pieces back on since they are metal and have a hole. It’s too bad because it’s really very pretty.
  • Very small and thin:they were really appreciated by the recipient… just as advertised and in great condition. I recommend these. quality product indeed.
  • Five Stars:Love this necklace. In a word Perfect.
  • light, easy to wear, really pretty:I had seen these earrings advertised when looking for earrings for a young niece and wanted them and eventually bought them for myself. They look exactly like they are promoted and are the earrings with the best favorable comments from friends and co-workers of any that I’ve ever worn. If you like crystal, then I suggest you get these. Also a key point is that they are very light. They look like they may be heavy, but are not at all, so be at ease if you have any concern on that point.
  • Perfect size.:I like them and they are a gift for my Mom for her Birthday. They look nice looking at them and I am sure she is going to enjoy wearing them. Enjoy!