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Panthere De Cartier Ring in 18K Pink Gold with Black Lacquer and Diamonds::replica Cartier Bagues

Size: 2.5cm x 1.4cm

Item Name: Panthere De Cartier Ring in 18K Pink Gold with Black Lacquer and Diamonds

The Maison’s emblematic panther, first leaped into the world of Cartier jewelry in 1914. Louis Cartier was a pioneer in taming the legendary creature and his associate Jeanne Toussaint went on to make magnificent use of the icon. The panther has since inspired a timeless and elegant collection of jewelry and timepieces that show the multiple facets of the animal that can be at times bold, regal or sensual.

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Cartier Three Bands LOVE Ring in Black Ceramic and 18kt Yellow Gold with Pave Diamonds::replica Cartier Declaration Cologne

Single Circle Band Width: 4mm

Product Name:Cartier Three Bands LOVE Ring in Black Ceramic and 18kt Yellow Gold with Pave Diamonds

Three rings: one 18K yellow gold, one black ceramic, and one 18K yellow gold ring set with diamonds.

A symbol of commitment created in 1970s New York, the LOVE collection seals the circle of eternal love. Studded with its trademark screws, LOVE is now also available as a necklace, ring or earring, a signature token of the tenderest romances. How far would you go for love?

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Cartier Rose Gold Brown Dial Brown Leather Strap Mens Replica Watches Reviews –Panthere De Cartier Ring

Panthere De Cartier Ring

Customer reviews

  • Excellent Price and Product:I ordered these earrings as I was looking for something to wear all the time, i.e. be able to sleep in them, not have to take them out daily, etc. They arrived and I was so excited as they are very pretty, but they are not daily earrings as they are very dainty, and don’t appear to be able to withstand daily use. Additionally, I lead a very active life and look for jewelry which can withstand an active lifestyle- these are not them. They are good “going out” earrings, but I would not reccomend them for daily use.
  • Awesome:Great deal, you will love them. the stones are so bright. Look like a million bucks..Have a set of real ones, but larger hoops and these look much better. I would highly recommend. I have ordered other rings etc from these folks and they are all nicel
  • love love love it! !:Love love love!!! I bought this when Amazon had a 40% off sale. I am now an Alex Woo addict! This necklace is petite and classy, a very elegant little touch. Take a peak, Alex Woo has charms for everyone.
  • Five Stars:pretty ring
  • Glad I bought it!:came on time, came intact and is great to look at. plus it brought me great luck in life already. could be larger though
  • Four Stars:It has more silver than sparkle and is smaller than I would like. It is nothing to write home about.
  • Great quality:The pendant came with a nice cord and a little document that explains the significance of the Tree of Life, so if you wanted to give it as a gift, the recipient will get the full idea of what it represents. The pendant itself is nicely produced. Very happy with it.
  • nice quality & received compliments wearing it:Very nice stainless steel. Seems like good quality. Received quite a few compliments so I’d say that worth a good review
  • Just Beautiful!!!!!!:Wow! I was amazed at the quality and sparkle of this ring. It matched my $10,000 diamond engagement ring so well I ordered a second one just to make sure if I lost the first one I would have a backup. You cannot tell it is not the real thing. We couldn’t afford to get a band before the wedding and we were going to order one on our 1st Anniversary, but I may not have to . I LOVE !!!! this ring . It is absolutely stunning! i can’t say enought about it…. If you order it you won’t be disapointed….
  • Price:I was completely suprised that upon opening this ring that it was much prettier than than its image. It is delicate and very feminine. If you love amber you will love this ring.
  • very nice! great quality:I love this necklace. Unique and lovely. Compliments every where I go! Thinking I need to get 2 more for the sisters!
  • Beautiful!:Absolutely one of the most gorgeous bracelets I have ever owned! I have not taken it off since I received it. Getting it clasped the first time was a little tricky for me as I have arthritis in my hands, but now it is very easy do clasp and unclasp. For anyone of Scots-Irish or Celtic descent, an absolute must to have.