The movie “little age Ⅲ” must see beautiful jewelry

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Small times has always been controversial since the first release, whether it is worth affirmation, the large number of fashionable clothing, big enough to depict a line, and a handsome boy beauty deduce more icing on the cake. Have beautiful clothes, little of course not jewelry, today let’s share together with everybody in those beautiful jewelry.

Guo mining jie plays of beautiful but poisonous tongue, in the “times” sisters flower, have the queen’s class status. The graph shows the Replica Cartier Santos 100 design necklace, ring crystal pendant, contracted in the hale and hearty flavor.
Xiao Lin of the play is a dare to pursue their dreams, dare to love dare hate modern girl. The long tassels design Replica Cartier Pasha necklace with fur coat complement each other, showily.
Tang like this role, beloved’s boyish she let a person feel very cordial feeling. Fold wear crystal cartier love bracelet replica hand rope, also is the current popular jewelry.
Small times series never lack of male god, cheney’s Zhou Chongguang is undoubtedly one of bright eye. The pendant Cartier Love Bracelets Replica sautoir brooch effect on him, is nods eyeball.
Graceful and restrained as goddess temperament of south hunan is bea Hayden perform very well. In jewelry choice no grandiose design, Cartier Santos Dumont Replica double drainage type drip crystal necklace looks just right.

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